Who Will You Work With on Your ABA Journey?

ABA therapy is a structured and evidence-based approach that aims to improve socially significant behaviors by analyzing and modifying the child’s environment. At Belay On, your child’s Individualized Treatment Plan will be implemented with the help of a team.

Here’s a brief overview of who makes up that team.

  1. You:
    Caretakers play a crucial role in ABA therapy in several ways. Caretakers can help by providing valuable information about their child’s behaviors, helping to set goals, and providing consistency and support for the patient.
  2. BCBA:
    A BCBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. BCBA is a professional certification that indicates a high level of expertise in the field of behavior analysis. They create programming to reduce maladaptive behaviors and increase functional alternative behaviors. A BCBA will have a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis or a closely related field.
  3. RBT:
    An RBT is a Registered Behavior Technician. RBTs have obtained a certification in behavior analysis and work under the supervision of a BCBA. The RBT plays a significant role in ABA therapy by implementing strategies to help individuals learn new skills and manage challenging behaviors.
  4. Community:
    A child’s community can support and enhance the effectiveness of ABA Therapy. This can include friends, family, and networking or support groups. The community offers consistency and reinforcement, opportunities of social interaction, support, and advocacy.

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy is a collaborative process that relies on many crucial role players in the patient’s life. Support and collaboration from therapists, caregivers, and the community can lead to more significant and lasting positive outcomes!

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