Collaborative ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy
for children diagnosed with autism in North Texas

Our Mission

Belay On strives to provide the best standards of care to North Texas children diagnosed with autism.
We follow best practices and employ gold-standard ABA therapy techniques to create lasting results.

In rock climbing “Belay On” is the voice command given by a climbing partner to indicate that they are ready to support the climber in case of a slip or fall. Our promise to you is to be that supportive partner.

Our Unique Style of ABA Therapy is:

Supportive & Engaging

Our unique style of ABA therapy for kids diagnosed with autism is collaborative and supportive.

Flexible & Customizable

We understand that each child is different. Our style of ABA therapy allows for customization on a per-patient basis.

Based on Best Practices

Research on ABA Therapy shows that it is highly effective in helping achieve goal behaviors.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy for children diagnosed with autism. Focused on learning and behavior, ABA is widely considered as the gold standard in treatment, and leads to substantial progress and long term results in improving the quality of life for children and their caregivers.

What Is Autism?

Is ABA Therapy Right for My Child?

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Every moment, every day, is [an] opportunity to start over. Climbing is a lot about dealing with what is and just figuring it out. Whatever has happened, has happened,” he says. “[It’s] learning how to improvise. Coming up with new ideas and new approaches to solve problems. Learning that you generally have to let go to move.

– Bob Jamieson

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