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About Belay On Autism Services

Principally Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA is the bedrock of Belay On and its services, in the home, school and community treatment centers. It is our mission to provide the best standards of care to North Texas children diagnosed with autism. We follow best practices and employ gold-standard ABA therapy techniques to create lasting results.

We currently offer in-home therapy but will soon be offering therapy at our community treatment centers, as well as in-school therapy. Our primary focus is to deliver therapy in the in the way that best serves each individual child. 

In rock climbing “Belay On” is the voice command given by a climbing partner to indicate that they are ready to support the climber in case of a slip or fall. As a parent, we know your dream is to help your child be as independent and happy as possible. You are looking for a supportive partner to help your child achieve meaningful and lasting results. Our promise to you is to be that supportive partner.

Our Staff

Derek Barrows

Founder / CEO

Derek is a performance-driven executive, husband and father with a background in pediatric healthcare, ABA therapy, skilled private duty nursing, DME, HME, PT/OT/ST, and operations. He is passionate about challenging leaders within healthcare to evolve the current status of ABA Therapy and pediatric healthcare operationally.


Lissa Bonnstetter

Regional Clinical Director

Lissa is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with more than 10 years of experience working with children, teens, and adults using Applied Behavior Analysis to effectively change behavior. Lissa’s goal is to help clients with increasing independence, developing communication skills, and utilizing de-escalation strategies while reducing maladaptive behavior at a speed that is appropriate for each child. 

Have questions about Belay On? To learn more about our unique style of ABA therapy, just reach out.

Every moment, every day, is [an] opportunity to start over. Climbing is a lot about dealing with what is and just figuring it out. Whatever has happened, has happened,” he says. “[It’s] learning how to improvise. Coming up with new ideas and new approaches to solve problems. Learning that you generally have to let go to move.

– Bob Jamieson

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