What is Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy?

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy for children diagnosed with autism. Focused on learning and behavior, ABA is widely considered to be the gold standard in treatment, and leads to substantial progress and long term results in improving the quality of life for children and their caregivers.

How does ABA work?

It’s important to understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to ABA therapy. Each child will receive a customized plan to best fit their needs. The main strategies of ABA are: 

Positive Reinforcement

Behavior change is encouraged by rewarding positive behavior.


The A-B-Cs of ABA therapy are used to reinforce and shape behavior: A – Antecedent: These are the events that occur before a behavior. B – Behavior: This is the response (or lack of response) to the antecedent. Behaviors can be actions, verbal, or non-verbal responses. C – Consequence: This directly follows the behavior. It generally includes positive reinforcement for desired behavior, or a lack of response for an undesirable behavior or response.

What are the benefits of ABA? 

Both the US Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association consider ABA to be an evidence-based best practice treatment. It is considered by many to the be gold standard.  Research shows that early intervention and treatment leads to positive and lasting outcomes for children with autism.

ABA is a proven therapy for children with autism. Belay On’s unique style is:

Supportive & Engaging

Our unique style of ABA therapy for kids diagnosed with autism is collaborative and supportive.

Flexible & Customizable

We understand that each child is different. Our style of ABA therapy allows for customization on a per-patient basis.

Based on Best Practices

Research on ABA Therapy shows that it is highly effective in helping achieve goal behaviors.

What Should I Do if I Believe ABA Therapy May Be a Good Fit for My Child?

Research suggests early diagnoses and therapy are key in providing an autistic child and their caregivers with the best quality of life. Our mission at Belay On is to help provide support for you and your child along the way.

If your child has a diagnosis of autism and you are interested in learning more about Belay On, please contact us for more info and enrollment options.

Studies suggest that early diagnosis and emersion in ABA treatment leads to improvement in important developmental areas such as communication, attention, and social skills.

Every moment, every day, is [an] opportunity to start over. Climbing is a lot about dealing with what is and just figuring it out. Whatever has happened, has happened,” he says. “[It’s] learning how to improvise. Coming up with new ideas and new approaches to solve problems. Learning that you generally have to let go to move.

– Bob Jamieson

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